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Flower on fire (Dance. Sex. Heresy.)

... for my youth is in her flower and my strength is not to be extinguished with man.
— Daughter of Fortitude, in a vision received by Edward Kelley and Dr. John Dee on 23rd May 1587

An audio recording of my talk at the Magickal Women Conference 2019, by Chaweon Koo of Witches & Wine. While I exceeded my 20 minute limitation, it was nonetheless necessary to cut much of the material I intended to use. The complete text will be published in due course.

As a dancer, choreographer and practitioner of magic, I have invariably oriented my work towards an enquiry into the body and its mysteries, its environs, what I have termed the occulted body. Beginning with a brief explanation of my conception of the body, its inherent potentials and vulnerabilities – by which we can decipher its self-making and self-unmaking – I will address why I believe it is central to a radically transformative magic, and its techne is imperative to the bodily apprehension of an apocalyptic mysticism. To this end I will give an insight into my practice, specifically in relation to trance states. I will describe embodied techniques which I employ to alter consciousness, to move and be moved within such states; and explore the resonances and tensions between the states of consciousness one experiences in dance and performance, and those of sexual trance. To conclude, I show how my practice, both performance and private ritual, is grounded in an erotic eschatology which I connect with Babalon, ‘the mother of harlots and abominations’ – in my understanding a post- or anti-Christian incarnation of the feminine divine.

Alkistis Dimech