The decollation of flowers

butoh, butô, choreography, dance, performance

En chair et en son festival, Convitto San Vittorino, Benevento
Feast of St John the Baptist, 2017

Apocalypteria · 1

Apocalypteria · 1

The first in a projected series of dances – Apocalypteria – whose subject is the nymph, and which explore revelation and the female mysteries.

The decollation of flowers describes the rite of passage of a girl (korasion / Kore / Salome). The work is in five parts: 1 – the girl enters; 2 – the girl gathers flowers; 3 – the girl dances; 4 – la Méduse d’air; and 5 – Kalyptromè / deflowered / headhuntress.

The dance is dedicated to my mother, Betty Joy.

Music   Michel Titin-Schnaider, Étude pour guitare électrique
  Veronica Navia