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Mantis, this landscape is hidden from all but the most holy eye.
— The Book of Going Forth by Day

I am currently developing Visitation, the second dance in the Apocalyperia cycle exploring female sexuality and the sacred through the veil.

Visitation is a ritual performed within the circle or chorós, the dancing ground. The concept for the dance arose from my desire to see Venus, the heavenly body that rules erotic love and the occult sex of women, inspired and tantalised by imagings of the topography of the mysterious, cloud-veiled planet, and especially the colour photographs of the Soviet space probe Venera 13.

The dance is intended as a chorography of this landscape, and a glimpse of its elusive numina, revealing through the body a clandestine vision of the divine: the visitation.

I am developing the choreography through an experimental process inspired and directed by the affective mysticism of Thomas Gallus, through visionary experiences and entranced, engodded states sought through movement and entheogens, in dreaming, and in a series of ritual workings with Venusian spirits. In process, and in performance, I ask how we see and make visible what is hidden. I consider the body as a place of seeing (theatron) and as the place of the god/dess (theos/thea), and the dancing ground as a space within our commodified, secular culture where the sacred and daimonic can reveal itself.

The first performance of Visitation will be given in September at Trans-States: The Art of Revelation.

(Image: Arachnoid on Venus | Magellan Team, JPL, NASA)

Alkistis Dimech